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Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Loqui Mediation Ltd resolving workplace, commercial, civil and family disputes in Rochdale, online across the UK.

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What is a Mediator?

A mediator is an independent, qualified person who helps two parties communicate effectively. A mediator is appointed to liaise between parties and helps them reach an amicable settlement in a dispute.

Parties involved in mediation can be individuals a group of people, an organisation or several businesses. Mediation can take place before any legal action starts or whilst it is ongoing. 
Inherently a mediator can save time and decrease costs incurred with courts as settlements or arrangements are detailed and agreed between the parties involved.

Professional Mediation

Find out more below about some of the areas in which Loqui Mediation Ltd provide mediation services. Accredited as mediators and with a strong formal background in law we strive to help people. We are strong advocates in resolving and settling disputes in the most amicable way for all parties concerned. We aim to help you avoid expensive fees, reduce your stress and decrease the time you spend on the issue in any way we can.

Young couple with a problem to consult a psychologist

Family Disputes

Helping you to understand each other and come to an amicable conclusion.

Senior man and mid adult man arguing

Civil Disputes

Neighbour disputes and more resolved fairly and quickly.

Team of inspectors talking to chef in commercial kitchen

Commercial Disputes

Contract disputes, product disputes and more. Aimed to resolve your disputes quickly.

Sad fired businessman sitting outside meeting room after being dismissed

Workplace Disputes

Employee or employer disputes resolved quickly and fairly. 

Civil Disputes

There are many forms of civil disputes from contract disputes to neighbour disputes and much more. We understand that emotions can run high and communication can easily breakdown when it feels as though someone is being unfair.
Our role is to be impartial and fair and cut through the noise. Listening to both parties. 
Whether you are already involved in a formal civil dispute or you want to avoid any formal action it is never too late. Contact us on the number below.

Woman on the phone arguing
Shot of a little girl looking unhappy as her parents argue in the background

Family Disputes

Family disputes are highly emotional for everyone involved. Whether part of divorce proceedings, child custody or something completely different.
We are here to help both parties take the emotion out of everything and deal in the facts and what the law says with patience, understanding and with a personal and friendly touch.

Why choose Loqui Mediations Ltd?

Qualified solicitor

Practising law since 2005.
SRA number: 316675

Accredited mediator

Trained and qualified with Align Mediation

Member of CMC

An Associate mediator with the Civil Mediation Council.

Loqui Mediation Ltd

For help with all your mediation needs and dispute resolution. Face to face in Rochdale or online throughout the UK.

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