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The Mediation Team

From Loqui Mediation in Rochdale.
With appointments available face to face locally or online throughout the UK.
Find out more about our founder Saydia and the rest of our team or get in touch to discuss your needs with us today.

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Saydia Iqbal-Wajid

Founder of Loqui Mediation

Saydia Iqbal-Wajid is a practicing solicitor having qualified in 2005. Saydia was a partner in a law firm for many years.

As an accredited mediator, she completed her training with Align Mediation. Saydia is also an Associate Mediator with the Civil Mediation Council (CMC).

Saydia started her legal career with the intention of helping people and that has remained at the forefront throughout her legal career. It is one of the main reasons Saydia ventured into mediation as she is a strong advocate of resolving and settling disputes in the most amicable way, avoiding expensive court fees, stress and time where we can.

Saydia is a skilled mediator with a high success rate. She comes highly recommended by clients who have utilised her legal and mediation services.

Zahir Iqbal

Zahir Iqbal is a practicing solicitor and mediator having qualified as a Solicitor in 2014.

Zahir specialises in civil litigation, and has been specialising in personal injury matters, landlord and tenant disputes and private civil claims since 2009. Additionally, Zahir has in depth experience representing parties in court.

Zahir’s specialist knowledge within the civil litigation field is what makes Zahir an accomplished mediator. His calm and comforting temperament combined with his eye for detail is what makes him a popular choice.

Mohammad Wajid

Mohammad Wajid is a qualified solicitor with over two decades experience of specialising with predominantly workplace disputes.

Wajid also has extensive experience in dealing with commercial and residential property matters.

Wajid is a retained Advisor to numerous companies and organisations both in the public and private sector using his skill set and experience to help businesses achieve their commercial objectives.

In his spare time, Wajid spends considerable time working with two charities where he holds official positions.

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